MODLORD - Memo Torfilli

memo torfilli

Wearing and owning real Modern Classics becomes more and more a rare good of our times. Unique products, produced in Europe (focussing on Britain) with an authentic heritage and always a good chat - this is what Modlord is all about.

In 2013 Memo Torfilli opend up the doors of his home for Mods, Music Enthusiasts and Fashion Lovers on Düsseldorfs one and only Lorettostreet. After serving more than 20 years for best in class fashion brands on the Königsallee it was time to bring his dream come true.

Born in Frankfurt and grown behind the turntables - Memo combines brands that you will never find in this rare combination in Düsseldorf, Germany or anywhere in Britain. The Modlord himself will share the true stories of his fashion icons, the newest soul tunes and how to win the world with you. This is why we all love this little shop around the corner.

Cheers cu